Last updated June 19, 2009

HiGrids stands for Hybrid Intercity Grids and is aimed at IT solutions for Sustainable Mobility.

The ambition.
The key objective of the HiGrids Foundation is the development, diffusion of knowledge and implementation of (pilot) projects in the field of intelligent transport systems. IT solutions are amongst the potentially more interesting options of breakthrough system innovations, mitigating adverse effects of mobility. This interaction may improve road capacity, energy efficiency, environmental impact, health issues, safety or a combination of these effects.

The issue.
The common use of fossil fuels and conventional combustion engines for motor vehicles still results in energy inefficiencies and excessive exhaust emissions, with many undesired side effects on health, climate and environment. Congestion phenomena (especially in densely populated areas) add to these transport inefficiencies and compound the problem. Intelligent tools are needed to advise & assist drivers in navigation, avoiding of traffic jams, finding alternatives (including public transport alternatives).

Examples of hybrid transport modes are concepts for interaction between road infrastructure and vehicle during inter-urban freight and/or passenger transport. This interaction can take the form of mobility services (transport & road information, driver behaviour tools) as well as dynamic traffic management in the sense of platooning (i.e. guiding groups of vehicles to move at (elevated) uniform speeds in ‘platoons’). Increasingly vehicles are perceived as being – also – sensors, able to collect and deliver data on current traffic conditions.

The instruments to reach this objective are:
- the development and diffusion of knowledge in the field of hybrid transport modes, i.e. concepts for interaction between the road (IT) infrastructure and vehicles during inter-urban freight and/or passenger transport
- advise for the formulation of policy (in the field of cleaner use)
- efforts and initiatives for accelerated implementation including the development of pilot projects in the field of intelligent transport systems